General information

We are all affected by COVID-19. The changes which have been made to our daily lives. 

Changes which will affect our work environment and contact too! 

We are very happy to work again with all of you as usual but will implement the necessary measures and precautions to stay safe and healthy. We can not do this by ourselves and therefor we ask everybody to follow the measures and precautions taken. 

We have to work together (as always) to stay safe and healthy! 

If you have any suggestions, please let us know!! 


General information 

The Netherlands’ approach is aimed at keeping the virus under control as much as possible in order to protect vulnerable groups and make sure the healthcare system can cope. Thanks to people complying with the measures, the situation has improved since March. The figures show a positive trend. This means we are past the first phase of the outbreak. Now we can move step by step towards enjoying more freedom in the ‘1.5-metre society’.

Stay at home if you have cold-like symptoms, and stay at home if a member of your household has a fever and/or shortness of breath. And of course: wash your hands often, cough and sneeze into your elbow and use paper tissues and dispose of them immediately after use.


We will have a Covid-19 steward on set who is there for your and our safety. The steward will manage social-distance and hygiene on set all times! The steward provides gloves, masks*, sanitizer, etc when needed. All these products will also be available on several stations through the whole studio. 

Our steward  is responsible for frequent cleaning of  the general contact surfaces – this includes: door handles, surfaces, bathroom fixtures, and any equipment handled by more than one person.  

* Masks

Masks are required and should be worn at all time. We recommend to change your mask every three hours.


Tiered arrivals and entry to set: 

To the extent possible – call times will be staggered so that each department is given access at timed intervals, to prevent crowding on arrival to set. 

Optimizing workflow 

To the extent possible – work will be coordinated in such a way that a minimum of people are given access to a space at any one time. 

For example – electrical will not start work until art department is done and has exited. 

Minimising the amount of people on set 

The number of crew on set will be kept to the minimum required. 

Agency and client are likewise encouraged to send the fewest possible number of representatives. 

Hair and Make-up

Hair and make-up will be reserved for featured cast only, if creative allows for that.

Masks are required for Hair and make-up and should be worn at all time.

Before and after hair and make-up session, both talent and make-up artist are required to wash or sanitize their hands. 

Applicators are not permitted to be reused on different people. This includes mascara and lipstick. 

Work stations need to be cleaned between each user, and distanced a minimum of 1,5 meters apart. 


Assisted styling (and tailoring) is allowed for featured cast only.

Before and after styling, both talent and stylist are required to wash or sanitize their hands. Stylist & tailor have to wear a mask or plastic cover

Craft and Catering

Buffets are not permitted.

Option 1) All meals will be served by the caterer. Self service is NOT allowed

Option 2) All meals will be served as single serving portions – and distributed in such a fashion as to avoid surface contamination.

All drinks will be in single serving containers, ie. water bottles and cans

None of the following are permitted: Snack bowls or unpackaged foods / Fruit that isn’t individually packed.

Any person handling food should thoroughly wash their hands beforehand, and wear gloves.

Holding and Common areas

All common areas and holding for talent will be set up separately.

Seating will be arranged in such a fashion as to promote distancing, and prescribed seating should minimize social interaction between departments, so that at-work groupings are maintained on breaks.


Production will avoid printing and paper distribution except for

safety posters onset. NB COVID-19 can last 24 hours on paper.




– It is recommended that individuals bring their own PPE. (Personal protection equipment) 

– Covid-19 steward will provide suitable masks, gloves , sanitizer for all crew if required.

– We will have dedicated sanitized stations.

– Hand soap and disposable hand towels in all bathrooms.

– Hand Sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol will be around the set.

– Disposable disinfecting wipes will be available.

– Covered bins for the safe disposal of tissues/PPE.

– Each department is responsible for keeping their own work station clean.

– Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, dont shake hands or hug and maintain social distancing.

– COVID-19 Safety protocol posters will be posted through the shoot.


– COVID-19 can survive up to 72 hours on plastic and steel so we will require advance collection / delivery / quarantine of kit and materials.

– All equipment hire in facilities we work with will have their own riskassessments and health and safety practices and will provide ROOFF with a copy.

– Walkies will be correctly sanitized, bagged and labelled with crew names before distribution – do not share radio’s.

– Video Conferencing facility on set if requested.

– Only the DIT or Digital tech will be behind the monitor at any one time. So we will increasing video monitor stations for AD’s and Client.

– For client and agency that do not wish to attend the shoot, a live feed will be made available so they can review and approve remotely.

– Each person working is required to keep their personal work station disinfected through the day.


Everybody on set has an individual responsibility to prevent transmission of COVID-19 by doing the following:

Stay at home if you have any of the following symptoms in the past 24 hours: 

– Fever

– Cough 

– Runny nose

– Sore throat 

– Shortness of breath

or if

– a member of your household has a fever and/or shortness of breath



– Crew to drive themselves to set and to be dissuaded from using public transport where possible.

– Where required production can organise transport using drivers or/car services who can demonstrate the  social distance of passengers. 

– Any need for crew vans will require a higher number of vehicles alternatively shuttle trips will be made.

– Crew vans will be disinfected between each trip.

– Windows will remain open at all times to allow for better ventilation.


Please be flexible and compassionate throughout production and creative concepts will need to bear in mind the current restrictions.

Due to all the extra precuations that will be taken on set please be mindful of shot count and allow for more shoot days where necessary.



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